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Whispers Of Her Lips' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Whispers Of Her Lips

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Friday, Final day of the school week. [15 Mar 2003|12:24am]
Yea I guess I can start from last night when I was really messed up, like I was drunk or something. I had my eyes closed I was listening to my IN Flames CD and shit I was like spinning, my eyes were hurting and shit. I couldn't help but think about how Amber was doing.

I was gonna have band practice today, but I didn't have a lot of money... And I'm savin' up for a little vacation over the summer, heh. I can't wait!

Today in school, in guitar I had to play some cords in front of the class, I did pretty good considering I was nervous as hell. Math class, OK it's Pie Day(3-14) Weird ... and for some reason it was black clothing day or something... And I usually wear black clothing, Today, I had on Black jeans with a gray/black shirt. Whatever... Took a spelling test... Drew in art a still life. My teacher like my work and says I'm getting better, I was like, "Yay!".

Global, I lost my book, though I swiped another, Lol... Now I can do my Homework!... Wait a min.. Damn... Lol. Spanish took a quiz, went the the "libary"(lunch room) to "Study"(hang out with friends). I was hanging out with Joel and some of his friends, they are kinda kool... This one girl really didn't know me, visa versa, but she was makin conversation with me. Bio... Ok.

For some reason I wanted to walk home, so I did. Jimmy was over and my bro. was here, so we were talkin.' They said I look like David(Darlines Ex) from Roosan! Lol! I kinda do... :P. yea then... That's about it... Well, people I just found out, I got yet another fight Monday ... these people they are too stupid...

Well, Later.
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Back to school [24 Feb 2003|05:12pm]
Yea Back to school... Fuck, I was just starting to enjoy the freedom I had for the week I had off... So everyone that I haven't Updated lately... But shit nothing really exciting happens to this guy anyway... I bet most of the people who read this are like, Holy Hell this dudes fucken boring... Lol.
What can I say, I pretty much was in school, I was hanging out with friends and stuff... Art today was kinda interesting, I was talking with Careen, Astrid and Deceray. We were like debating over shit, lol. Zach just sat their and enjoyed the battle.
I need to save up some money to get something for someone, so I can't buy anything really, Lol not even lunch, I was so God damn hungry! But it'z all worth it when I'll see that persons face.
Well, that's about it for now ... take it easy peepz that read, Later!
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[15 Jan 2003|09:16pm]
This is friends only. Comment if you added me and I shall add you back.
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